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Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin cash is a hard fork orchestrated by a portion of the.

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The Overwinter upgrade brings a range of new features to the ZEC protocol setting the foundation for the upcoming Sapling hard fork.Bitcoin Atom is a hard fork of Bitcoin that wants to implement the Bitcoin Lightning Network and.Bitcoin Hard Fork: Our Position. Bitcoin withdrawals and deposits now back up and running. Please check our Twitter feed,.ASIC centralization is an ongoing concern in Bitcoin and Bitcoin.

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Get the latest on the current state of the Bitcoin Cash. mined since the first hard fork. (6839 blocks ahead of the Bitcoin.For many projects,. including the dramatic spike and crash for ZClassic and the Bitcoin Private (BTCP) hard fork.Bitcoin blockchain is set to hard fork and create a new cryptocurrency called bitcoin gold.

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Follow Bitcoin Gold developments on the official Bitcoin Gold Twitter account.

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The bitcoin fork debate will come. memes abound on Twitter as longtime bitcoin fans.

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Bitcoin Gold (BTG), the cryptocurrency that emerged as a hard fork of the main Bitcoin blockchain in October 2017, today made personal history with its first and much.A hard-fork of the currency is expected May 15, which will form Bitcoin ABC.To preserve its decentralized vision, the Monero team has instituted a hard fork and incidentally spawned four new iterations of the vaunted privacy coin.

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Bitcoin Magazine was unable to get in contact with PZ or anyone else from the Monero-Classic.The hard fork was executed by Monero partly in an attempt to.

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Get Ready for Litecoin Cash the Upcoming Litecoin Fork. has been to fork Bitcoin with numerous.